Hours3+ y.o.18+ y.o.
MONDAY10:00 - 18:0010:00 - 20:00
TUESDAY10:00 - 18:0010:00 - 20:00
WEDNESDAY10:00 - 18:0010:00 - 20:00
THURSDAY10:00 - 18:0010:00 - 20:00
FRIDAY10:00 - 18:0010:00 - 20:00
SATURDAY10:00 - 18:0010:00 - 20:00
SUNDAY10:00 - 18:0010:00 - 20:00
STUDENT (14-21 y.o.)HK$0 to HK$0
CHILD (3-13 y.o.)HK$0 to HK$0

Frequently Asked Questions

  • TELEPORT is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience on the intersection of art, science, and technology. Created by award-winning artists from around the world, our experience features state-of-the-art projections, 360° hyperreal sound, and generative digital forms, all in one place.

  • Tickets can only be booked online at weteleport.com/ticketsYou will need to register for a timeslot and create a digital boarding pass.

  • As a purely digital experience, we ask all visitors to avoid using paper print-outs. You can gain entry by showing you boarding pass on a mobile phone.

  • In order manage our capacity within our experience, we do not allow walk-ins. Tickets must be purchased in advance at weteleport.com/tickets.

  • Visitors typically spend an hour at TELEPORT, but we strongly encourage visitors to take their time to explore our experience. 

  • Photography for personal use is encouraged, though please refrain from using flash. We welcome visitors to capture their experience and invite you to use our hashtag #weteleport.

    Commercial photography, product shoots, press interviews and media shoots are prohibited without advance approval from TELEPORT. Please contact hello@weteleport.com if you have a request.

  • Our experience contains strobe-like effects, loud sounds, darkness, smoke and flashing projections, and may not be suitable for epilepsy-sensitive individuals.Please reach out to one of our onsite experience managers if you notice any of the following symptoms: visual disturbances, eye and muscle twitching, loss of consciousness, loss of orientation, involuntary movements and convulsions.

  • We request that you do NOT bring any drinks, food, gum or illegal substances. Please dispose of any prior to arriving for your visit. TELEPORT does not offer monitored or locked storage for visitors’ belongings. Therefore, please take care of your valuables during your visit.

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